Aldeyra Therapeutics (ALDX)

Company Description

Aldeyra Therapeutics is a mid-clinical stage biotech company focused on exploring its proprietary aldehyde trapping platform as a novel treatment modality for inflammatory and other disorders with substantial unmet medical needs. Aldehyde trapping is based on the concept that by removing excess free aldehydes accumulated in the body, patients with inflammatory or other free aldehyde-causing disorders could be treated. The two initial indications addressed by the company’s lead product, NS2 are Sjögren-Larsson Syndrome (SLS) and acute anterior uveitis. The company filed two INDs in late 4Q14 for Phase II studies in SLS and in non-infectious acute anterior uveitis with data potentially available in 2H15. Both indications are orphan indications, which potentially shorten the time to market and the option of premium pricing. Should the acute anterior uveitis clinical study successful, NS2 could potentially have therapeutic utility in several other inflammatory diseases.

Published Reports

ALDX-2019-03-08-Mgmt updates
ALDX-2019-03-01-R&D day recap
ALDX-2019-01-29-Helio Vision acquisition
ALDX-2018-09-26-Very robust reproxalap DED P2b readout
ALDX-2018-09-25-Positive ADX-1612 P2 readout
ALDX-2018-08-24-Mgmt meetings
ALDX-2018-07-24-SLS P3 trial started
ALDX-2018-07-13-Mgmt meetings
ALDX-2018-06-28 New Developments including ystemic RASP, Hsp90 Inhibitors and Indication Expansions
ALDX-2018-02-28-JNJ deal
ALDX-2018-01-30-Dry eye trial started
ALDX-2018-01-30-Dry eye trial startedALDX-2017-10-11-R&D day
ALDX-2017-09-12-Dry eye P2a topline
ALDX-2017-08-08-2Q17 rev
ALDX-2017-07-19-DED P2a dosing completed rev
ALDX-2017-06-14-AC P2b readout rev
ALDX-2017-04-27-Noninfectious anterior uveitis P3 started rev (2)
ALDX-2017-04-18-Conjunctivitis P2b last patient rev
ALDX-2017-03-31-4Q16 rev
ALDX-2017-01-25-Two Phase III development updates rev
ALDX-2016-08-10-2Q16 rev
ALDX-2016-08-09-Positive SLS P2 trial rev
ALDX-2016-05-09-1Q16 rev2 (3)
ALDX-2016-02-29-Positive allergic conjunctivitis top-line results rev2
ALDX-2015-12-16-Last allergic conjunctivitis pt dosed
ALDX-2015-11-12-3Q15 rev
ALDX-2015-08-11-2Q15 rev
ALDX-2015-09-16-Mgnt update
ALDX-2015-06-11-Mgnt update rev
ALDX-2015-05-13-1Q15 rev2
ALDX-2015-03-19-4Q14 rev
ALDX-2015-03-17-NS2 in SLS P2 study started rev
ALDX-2015-03-02-Development update
ALDX-2015-01-26-Initiation rev-yj edit3
ALDX-2017-10-11-R&D day