Avadel (AVDL)

Company Description

Avadel (AVDL – Flamel Technologies) is a specialty pharmaceutical company that combines unique proprietary drug delivery platforms and niche specialty pharmaceutical products with the goal of delivering safer, more efficacious formulations to address unmet medical needs. AVDL is currently headquartered in Lyon, France, but is expected to complete a transition to an Irish domicile near term, as AVDL divested itself of its French manufacturing facility in December 2014. AVDL also has operations in St. Louis, Missouri. AVDL has several drug delivery platforms under patent that include Medusa and Micropump, with derivatives LiquiTime and Trigger Lock. Medusa consists of an injectable, self-assembled poly-amino-acid nanogel that allows for multi-day extendedrelease dosing. The  Micropump system consists of enclosing the active ingredients in a microparticle that can then be put in a capsule or in a suspension or syrup. The Micropump technology is utilized in both LiquiTime and Trigger Lock. LiquiTime takes the coated microparticle and puts it in solution, allowing for an accurate release profile for up to 24 hours. This is designed for children or elderly patients who might have difficulties swallowing pills. Trigger Lock is a nanoparticle technology that may prevent drug abusers from misusing opioids by preventing tablet crushing and other common methods of abuse.