MabVax Therapeutics (MBVX)

MabVax Therapeutics is an early-clinical stage biotech company. The company is focused on exploring its proprietary monoclonal antibody (Mab) development platform to identify best-in-class Mabs derived from successfully vaccinated cancer patients. MabVax’s lead product HuMab-5B1, a sialyl Lewis A (sLea) targeting Mab, was discovered by identifying the most effective antibody candidates from capturing a portion of the responding antibodies from breast cancer patients who were successfully treated by a cancer therapeutic vaccine. The company is conducting a Phase I/II trial of HuMab-5B1 in combination with gemcitabine and Abraxane as a potential first-line treatment for pancreatic cancer. Top-line results for this study could be available in 1H17. MabVax is also exploring the addition of different payloads, such as radiotherapy and antibody conjugates (ADC), to HuMab-5B1 as a potential treatment of greater potency or one that can be used in different clinical settings. These clinical studies are expected to start in 2017. Another program utilizing the HuMab-5B1 platform and MabVax’s potentially first product to reach market is HuMab-5B1-PET as a potential PET imaging agent as a diagnosis for pancreatic cancer. Phase I preliminary results are expected in 2H16. Additionally, the company has two legacy Phase II cancer vaccines (sarcoma and ovarian cancer) under development with top-line results that could potentially be available in 4Q16. Together, with its broad HuMab-5B1-based discovery platform, MabVax Therapeutics is exploring both monoclonal antibodies and vaccines for the treatment of different cancers.