NovaBay Pharmaceuticals (NBY)

NovaBay Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company developing products for the eye care market. They are currently focused primarily on commercializing prescription Avenova in the U.S. for managing hygiene of the eyelids and lashes mostly in patients with blepharitis and dry eye. Avenova is the only eye care product formulated with a proprietary, stable and pure form of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) called Neutrox. By replicating the anti-microbial chemicals used by white blood cells to fight infection, Neutrox has proven in laboratory testing to have broad antimicrobial properties. Avenova with Neutrox removes debris from the skin on eyelids and lashes without burning or stinging. NBY has developed additional commercial products containing Neutrox, including their NeutroPhase Skin and Wound Cleanser for wound care and CelleRx for the dermatology market. They have partnerships for NeutroPhase in the U.S. as well as select overseas markets, most notably China. In addition to their Neutrox family of products, NBY has synthesized and developed a second category of novel compounds aimed at harnessing the power of white blood cell chemistry to address the global, topical anti-infective market. This second product category includes auriclosene, their lead clinical-stage Aganocide compound, which is a patented, synthetic molecule with a broad spectrum of activity against bacteria, viruses and fungi.